Practice Areas

Probate & Trust Litigation

Comprehensive expertise in probate, trust and estate matters

Tim Hanly represents clients in probate matters, estate and trust administration, and probate litigation, such as disputes over ownership and disposition of assets in estates and trusts through mediation and/or trial. Probate and trust litigation is a multi-faceted area of the law. Mr. Hanly is adept at explaining complex legal concepts to ensure that his clients understand and are comfortable with the process and receive the guidance and support that they need during this difficult time.

Advanced age, mental incapacity or illness can affect decision making skills in elders causing unease among family and friends. Clients typically come to Mr. Hanly with concerns that an elder is being taken advantage of financially or needs assistance making financial or healthcare

Mr. Hanly works closely with his clients to assist them with obtaining protection for vulnerable adults. Whether it is seeking a conservatorship or pursuing recovery of wrongfully taken funds, Mr. Hanly aggressively protects the interest of the elder in question.

Elder Law & Conservatorships

Committed to obtaining protection for vulnerable adults

Estate Planning

Expert advice on estate plans, trust and wills

In his estate planning practice, Mr. Hanly works diligently with his clients to make sure that his clients understand the terms and implications of the documents created, as they plan for decision-making in the event of incapacity and to ensure that their hard-earned assets and treasured possessions are left to their loved ones as intended.